4 Texas Rangers Killed


The Cordova Rebellion was a revolt that occurred shortly after Texas independence from Mexico. Vicente Cordova was a Mexican loyalist who did not want Texas to be an independent country. After the Texas Revolution ended, Cordova continued fighting against the new Texas government. He had a group of loyalists that supported his views and were willing to fight. He made arrangements between the Cherokee Nation and the Mexican Government to oppose Texan authority in exchange for a return of Cherokee lands. Skirmishes broke out as the Texan Government tried to put down the uprising using militia and Texas Rangers.

On October 12, 1838, Major Leonard Mabbitt left Fort Houston with a force of Texas Rangers to attack a band of Indians and Mexicans led by two lieutenants of Cordova. About six miles from the fort the rangers were attacked in an ambush. Private John W. Carpenter, pursued an indian chief into the woods. The ranger private and the chief shot it out about a mile from the scene and killed each other. Privates Julius Bullock, Thomas M. Scott and John Wilson were also killed in the fighting.

The rebellion petered out and Cordova fled to Mexico. He returned to continue the struggle but was killed in 1842 at the Battle of Salado Creek. The conspiracy between the Cherokee Nation and the Mexican Government soured the relationship between the Texas Government and the Cherokee. The Cherokee were eventually expelled from Texas and sent to “Indian Territory”, modern day Oklahoma.


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