A Shorthand On Hunter’s Latest


So word comes now that the government, pursuant to speedy trial obligations, will seek to indict Hunter by September 29th. What’s the gist?


(no wonder he’s smiling…)

1. The investigation still looks to be a whitewash. How can we know that? We can’t, completely. But understand: an indictment means a grand jury. And there is no indication that the fulsome roster of grand jury witnesses that would be tee’d up on a real, complete, wide-ranging investigation — i.e, Bobulinski, Archer, and Jim Biden — has been called.

Hunter himself should have been put into the grand jury, to lock in his statements. And were he to take the Fifth, to then be offered immunity to testify against his co-conspirators.

This is an “investigation”?

2. The defense’s argument that the Diversion Agreement is still valid is bogus. The defense will apparently argue that the Diversion Agreement is between the parties, and therefore independent of the judge. Not gonna fly.

This is because, by adding the infamous “immunity” clause, the Diversion Agreement was perverted into a version of a Plea Agreement by the defense.

In sum: the prosecution and defense cannot confer immunity on all charges related to the facts without the agreement of the judge. That’s a plea deal — which is up to the judge. And that’s why the judge found this construction to be so strange at the last hearing.

The Diversion Agreement references and leans on the separate Plea Agreement for the facts of the case. It doesn’t stand alone. Hunter’s lawyers made it, essentially, a subsection of the Plea Agreement. (And if it was still valid, independent of the judge — why didn’t they argue that at the last hearing, when Judge Noreika shot it down?).


(David Weiss, the case “prosecutor.” He seems… amused)

That Weiss agreed to this shows how compromised he is. It reeks of collusion. He should be referred to the Board of Professional Responsibility of the D.C. bar.

3. Even if the Diversion Agreement doesn’t come in, Hunter has a number of options — among them, appeal. This is not a frivolous option; as we stated here, there is a current appellate-level decision on exactly this gun charge which holds it unconstitutional.

The point of this is that the White House cannot afford to have Hunter face jail time before the election. Period. He is too dangerous to them, and could flip. He would normally be the target for a flip, in any real investigation.

So they need to buy time.

It’s why Joe and company are keeping him so close (living at the White House, traveling with the President, etc).

They don’t call Hunter “Fredo” for nothing.

4. Which means: even if the Diversion Agreement is tossed, Hunter won’t go to jail. If Joe wins, then he will pardon Hunter and Jim (and anyone else who poses a risk to Biden, Inc.) and just take the heat. The NY Times and Washington Post will run interference, the rest of the media will follow, and we’ll be told to just move along, nothing to see here.

If Joe Biden loses, he will have almost three months after the election to pardon Hunter. At that point, again, Joe won’t care. He’s got nothing to lose by pardoning Hunter.

And Joe won’t pardon him now, because it could well cost him the election.

5. All of which means: Joe has to stay in office. He has to run a second time, no matter how much he’d like to just call it a day and head off to the beach with some ice cream. Biden, Inc. is at risk. For his entire RICO family — Joe has to run. Even if he loses, he’s there to pardon everybody and protect the enterprise.

A final point: If you have not heard it, I would urge readers to tune into last week’s podcast (which was actually recorded a week or so before that). My team of experts hit this on the nose — well before any other talking heads.

Warning: it’s behind the fire wall. But we have not missed a call yet on this case.

What Happened In Harlem?

Today’s media — local and national — featured the story of deranged lunatic Norton Blake beating a 60-year-old woman in the subway in Harlem. The thrust of the stories was that the cops arrived at the scene and blithely let Blake go without an arrest.

But if that is true, as-reported: Why have no cops been suspended?

It’s not like the NYPD is reticent about suspending cops for failure to take police action. It sometimes feels like that is the Department’s default response.

And the incident was five days ago, ample time to investigate, review the body cam footage, etc.

Your humble narrator appeared on-air this morning with the dynamic duo of Dana Perino and Bill Hemmer to discuss the incident. Obviously, Norton Blake needs to go to jail for felony assault and other charges. Especially because he reportedly has nine priors.

The guy’s a menace. So: no deals — prison time. Get this guy off the streets and out of the subway. (As of this writing, he has reportedly been apprehended).

But something is wrong here. Either there are other facts so-far unreported… or the PD is dropping the ball.

This should be pretty cut-and-dried. A 60-year-old woman? A broken cane at the scene? Visible injuries to her? I’m sorry, but that screams that Blake was the “primary aggressor,” and that he should’ve been arrested immediately for Felony Assault.

But why didn’t the transit worker who filmed the incident call 911 instead of the Transit Control Center? Is that MTA policy? If so — it is moronic.

And did whoever filmed the incident remain at the scene to explain what she witnessed? Why did it take victim Laurell Reynolds a reported two hours to go to the hospital? After leaving the scene?

This whole incident is confounding. The new Police Commissioner should issue a statement soon, to clear it up (frankly, he should have already).

One thing is clear: the progressives who love mass transit — who support congestion pricing and higher gas prices — are pushing us all onto mass transit systems nationwide that are not safe.

Especially for women. (That’s right I said it!).

The “Rule of Three” And A Fugitive Still At-Large

Denelo Cavalcante, who apparently escaped from a county jail after being convicted of the murder of his girlfriend, somehow remains free in Pennsylvania a week later.

The infamous “rule of three” would seem to apply here; a person can survive for three minutes without air, three days without water, and three weeks without food.

In Cavalcante’s case, the immediate issue would likely be water. So, either through luck or resourcefulness, he got himself to the Longwood botanical gardens, about five miles away (an hour on foot) — where not only is there water, but officials likely can’t turn it off for fear of killing the plants.

The gardens are about 1/4 the size of New York’s Central Park, and heavily forested.

There’s also likely vending machines or even a snack bar he could have gotten into.

In light of this amazing video — he seems pretty resourceful.

That said, they’ll get him soon. Hopefully, with no one hurt. I think the bloodhounds will be the key.

An under-reported side note: Cavalcante entered the U.S. as a fugitive from a Brazilian murder charge, via Puerto Rico.

So he is, yet another: illegal migrant.

College Blues

Your narrator wrote a piece some time ago for the Fox News website shining a light on the phenomenon of near-and-on-campus crime occurring at urban colleges nationwide. As our cities descend into chaos, college students are more and more finding themselves victims.

Now comes a couple of new cases bearing that out — including a recent homicide, just solved. (Thanks to Fox writer Mike Ruiz for referencing my initial piece).

This remains an under-reported phenomenon. If I were sending my kid off to college, my heart would be in my mouth if she was looking to go to any school in a Dem-run city.

Community college never looked so good.

Yet another side effect of our dying cities. Does anyone have a plan?

As If Heuermann Doesn’t Have Enough Problems…

… this just in: “Heuermann Hit With A Labor Judgment.” Labor Commissioner Roberta Reardon just ruled that accused Gilgo killer Rex Heuermann owes one of his former employees at his Manhattan architecture firm over $68,000.

With Heuermann’s wife suing him, his kids separately lawyered-up, and his (alleged) victims’ families also likely to file against him, all I can say to this employee is:

Get in line.

And finally….

They’re still going! Amazing.

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