A Very Xi-Xi Affair


Agreements without an enforcement mechanism are meaningless

So Chinese President Xi blew into a newly sanitized San Francisco to meet with President Newsom Biden. After a reported four-hour closed-door meeting, the President emerged to take what was supposed to be a long round of questioning, but which was about 20 minutes of happy talk/mumbling.

Let’s make this quick: Anyone who thinks that the Chinese drug lords who pay up the chain to the Communist Party cadres while making millions from manufacturing fentanyl are going to stop doing it because Biden asked them to… must be John Kerry.

Fentanyl is a chemical formula. It is not dependent on the coca plant like cocaine, or the poppy like heroin. If you have the know-how, you can set up a lab anywhere.

Why do I get the sense that Mexico is about to have an influx of Chinese with PhD’s in chemistry?

And what — EXACTLY — did we give up for another empty promise from China?

Look for a Friday night news dump in the upcoming holiday season, explaining the genius of the Biden foreign policy team lightening the China sanctions.

Your narrator was once at a small policy event when John Kerry returned from Austria, having negotiated the Iran nuclear deal. In response to some pointed questioning, then-Secretary of State Kerry finally grew testy and barked at the room, “Look — we’re not naive!”




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