An American Migration Threatens Our Country’s Existence


An American Migration Threatens Our Country’s Existence

Business Insider wasted no time in sounding the alarm in light of Donald Trump’s recent clinching of the Republican Primary.  We are once again facing an existential migration crisis.  One that can shake our country to its very core. 

It appears that there are many very important – self-important even – Americans who will leave the country if Donald Trump is re-elected president.  This threat is especially terrifying as poll after poll shows Joseph Biden slipping in the polls and a Trump presidency more likely. 

The Business Insider article, penned by Paul Starobin (well-written and not inflammatory), is certainly the first of a flood of articles with celebrities, luminaries, and plain old left-wing nuts threatening us with their retreat from America.  In Starobin’s article, he posted a question in an expat Facebook group about an apparent increase in Americans leaving their country. 

Although unsolicited in the question, many of the respondents pointed to another Trump presidency as an impetus for leaving.  These aren’t members of the celebrity class, mind you — these are regular old partisan loons who we may be losing.  How will we go on?

The numbers of people leaving may get out of control.  During Trump’s last presidency, a poll showed that 16% of Americans wanted to permanently leave the country.  That is 40 million people. 

Egad!  If these people follow through with their threat to leave this time, at the rate of celebrities who actually fled Trump, we could lose a dozen of people, perhaps even as high as 20. 

There is no doubt as the election gets closer, we will be hearing from these same celebrities again.  Election season is their time to shine, impart their political wisdom, their knowledge of the nuances of foreign policy, and to threaten us with their permanent departure.  And they are serious. This time.  Probably for sure.  Definitely!

If you remember, celebrities have been threatening to leave in droves forever.  Not limiting their animus to only Donald Trump, our celebrity class makes their threats every four years.  In 2000, we had luminaries such as Eddie Vedder (who I will listen to anyway because Pearl Jam is awesome), Barbara Streisand, Alec Baldwin, Robert Altman, and former Press Secretary Pierre Salinger threaten to leave if Bush was elected. 

War hero and Republican nominee John McCain came close to driving Tina Fey, Seal (the singer, not the species of aquatic mammals whose group opinion is unknown as of this writing), Akon (who?), and the ever-shrill Susan Sarandon out of our nation.  A close call for our national stability. 

Alas – none followed through.

Even that milquetoast Mitt Romney had some detractors who wanted to head for the hills of Europe and Canada if Obama lost a second term. 

However, the Trump hatred has spawned a frenzy of evacuation threats from those who would flee the orange menace.  The celebs who have been threatening to leave since Donald came down the golden escalator in 2015 are too many to enumerate.  But one thing is for sure: We can expect a litany of A, B, and C list celebs announcing their threats to leave us for good in the coming months.  We can’t wait and would remind each and every one of them that “a promise is a promise” and that France is beautiful in January.  In the words of Bugs Bunny, “Bon Voyagee!!”

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