Another Jihadi?


Let’s Not Rush to Judgement

So was this arrest in Queens evidence of another imminent terrorist attack?


Maybe — but right now, the facts to support that aren’t fully there.

Did the cops who stopped him do a great job? Did they likely prevent something bad from happening? Yes to both.

But at this writing, the actual terrorist intent — required for any terrorism charge — doesn’t seem apparent. There are overtones, but… we’re just not there yet.

And as for the proximity to LaGuardia airport: Well, short of some cockamamie scheme to take over the control tower, I’m not seeing that, either. This guy was living in his car. I don’t he even had enough money for a ticket. And I don’t see him attempting to get any of those weapons on a plane (which he wouldn’t be able to, anyway).

But that said: kudos to those patrol cops. Because whatever the inspiration, this guy was headed down a dark path.

Here’s my (quick) take — and the larger lesson embedded here:


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