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The Accidental Governor And The “Clean Slate” Bill

Lest anyone think that Biden’s border is the only factor in how diminished life is here in New York City, Governor Kathy Hochul, the accidental Governor and always a contender in the race to the bottom, pulls out ahead in the sprint to stupidity:


The referenced bill mandates that convicted criminals receive a “clean slate” — that is, an expunged criminal record. The law wipes the slate clean after three years for misdemeanors, eight years for most felonies.

What the law ignores: nearly all cases adjudicated in our system are plea deals. So the incentive to “plea down” — already great — will be greater than ever. And activist prosecutors like Alvin Bragg will be only too happy to go along, handing out misdemeanor pleas like candy.

So employers, landlords, credit lenders… none will have the ability to ascertain if the person applying to them is a criminal. Or even a chronic offender.

So if you’re a serial mortgage fraudster? Plea to a misdemeanor, and you’ve got a clean record after three years — allowing you to do it again. A kid-toucher? Same.

Like bail reform, discovery reform, parole reform, Raise the Age, legalized weed, etc, this is all courtesy of the below brain trust in Albany:

Portrait of Andrea Stewart-Cousins.Leader of the NYS Senate, Andrea Stewart-Cousins
Leader of the NYS Assembly, Carl Heastie

These three stooges own current conditions in New York — the state losing more citizens by percentage than any other in the nation.

And here’s the genius who sponsored the bill:

If it’s true we get the government we deserve… we must’ve done something really awful at some point.

Why Not Indict?

As your narrator wrote here in The Washington Times, I cannot understand why a case against the leaders of Hamas has not been brought here in America.

Hamas is a designated terrorist organization, killed 32 American citizens, and holds at least 10 American citizens hostages. That certainly gives us reason — and jurisdiction.

Now comes word that the Hamas leaders living in luxury in Qatar, a U.S. ally, are worth some $11bn. As America is always the largest funders of anything international, it’s not hard to figure where most of that money came from.

But in light of all that — and my questioning the situation — a former intelligence associate offers the following theory: Is the U.S. not seeking to indict and extradite the Hamas leadership because they know too much?

Meaning: Were they American assets who played us?

The truth is, there are “sources” in the intelligence world, and there are sources. Might the Hamas leaders have been “soft” assets of the U.S, who we allowed to get rich… and who decided they no longer needed us?

Note that there’s no evidence for this — at least that I’ve seen. But I have to admit — it would explain a lot.

Cold Case Department

Rabbi Samantha Woll, found stabbed to death in front of her house. Update: Sounds like Detroit detectives will be presenting the case to the Detroit D.A. — and so likely, a grand jury. Seems to be a mostly circumstantial case, involving someone “close to” the rabbi — tough to prove on a murder. Stay tuned.

Paul Kessler, reportedly clubbed on the head with megaphone, resulting in his fatally hitting his head on the ground. Update: Police in Ventura County, California are reportedly “conducting interviews” and “reviewing footage.” In light of the fact that it was a crowded demonstration: Do we need video of everything these days?

Alec Baldwin, whose case, according to this report, is about to go to the grand jury. If they indict Baldwin on the involuntary manslaughter charge, he will have to surrender for arrest — perhaps as soon as next week. He faces up to 18 months if convicted.

Matt Petgrave, the hockey player accused in the on-ice death of Adam Johnson. As we advocated here, an arrest for Manslaughter was justified — which was the charge the London Met went with. It’s the right call.



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