DeLorean coke bust


On October 19, 1982, embattled carmaker John DeLorean was arrested and charged with conspiracy to possess and sell cocaine. He was alleged to have attempted to purchase 55 pounds of cocaine. The FBI had done an undercover operation and sent agents in posing as drug dealers. DeLorean was caught on camera agreeing to finance the huge coke deal. The FBI had been tipped off by, James Hoffman, a neighbor of DeLorean, who was also looking to work off his own federal drug case. The confidential informant told the FBI that DeLorean had approached him looking to make a cocaine deal. That seemed plausible. DeLorean was in deep debt with his floundering, mismanaged car company. Unfortunately for the FBI, the truth was somewhat different. The CI, Hoffman, had actually approached DeLorean offering a coke deal, knowing that he was in deep debt. DeLorean bit.

DeLorean was found not guilty at trial. It turns out federal agents are not allowed to approach famous people and ask them if they want to do a drug deal and then give them the drugs. Its known as entrapment for those of you have never watched TV. DeLorean beat the case, but he took a beating in bankruptcy when his company went under.


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