Democrats and The Big Backfire


They never thought Trump could get this big

In September 1917, a little-known Russian dissident named Vladimir Lenin was on a train travelling though Germany on his way to St Petersburg.  The German government arranged for the train, packed with about 30 other revolutionaries to make their way to Russia for a very specific reason. 

Lenin’s 1917 route to Russia

What these men carried was a contagion.  The contagion was an idea, an idea of a Communist utopia that Germany hoped would take down the Czarist regime and get Russia out of the war.  It was a success.  Months later Lenin was running the Soviet Union, and its troops were not fighting Germans.

Germany promoted this contagion, but a few short months later, Lenin’s ideas had spread to German troops.  German soldiers began to refuse to fight.  After the war, Communism was a significant political force in Germany, threating the government.  In April of 1945, Communist troops were pounding Berlin into dust.  The release of Lenin into Russia was the biggest backfire of all time.

In 2015, Donald Trump announced his candidacy for President.  The Democratic Party immediately saw this as an opportunity.  The press was all over Trump – non-stop coverage.  They pushed his message out for him.  Democrats hoped the Trump candidacy would act as a contagion within the Republican Party.  They knew he would damage other candidates and his boastfulness and common-man appeal would take voters away from establishment Republican ideas.  A contagion withing the Republican Party, if you will. 

If Democrats and their media toadies had left the Trump story on the back burner, Donald Trump most likely would have gone the way of other outsider, fringe, candidates.  But that was not the Democratic Strategy.  They wanted Trump to create chaos, so that their hand-picked, undemocratically selected candidate could be the voice of reason to American voters.  An epic fail, but it didn’t stop there. 

Dems had released the contagion, and much like post-war Germany, their plan had spiraled out of control.  The contagion they helped to create was consuming them. With the outsized media attention he was getting and his knack for connecting with voters, Trump surged in the polls. 

Even more important was his message.  Americans had long been frustrated with a political system that ignored them.  Politicians seemed to be unconcerned with what the average citizen wanted or needed.  Trump promised (and later often delivered) a government that listened to the will of the people.  America suddenly had a populist that could relate to the common man and not fall prey to political machines. 

Realizing they were in serious trouble from their own creation, the Democratic Party began to take drastic action.  

In Germany, the people turned to an anti-communist extremist, authoritarian, and racist in the personage of Adolf Hitler.  The Democratic Party turned to rigged primary elections, 1st Amendment violations on social media, impeachments, changing election laws, lies about the Hunter laptop, wiretaps on Trump’s presidential campaign, and finally a weaponization of the American system of justice.

Both scenarios were a violation of anything resembling rules and norms.  Hitler’s rise proved to be an unparalleled human tragedy for both Germany and the world.  The Democrats machinations pale in comparison, but they are a serious threat to the democratic process in this country and the rule of law.  Americans today display a lack of trust in their government the likes of which we have never seen.  The hijinks used to try to stop Trump play a major role in that sentiment.

Trump has created a revolution in politics across this country.  Unlike Lenin, who used force and was never particularly popular, Trump garnered the support of a great percentage of Americans. The persistent popularity of his flawed personage is a manifestation of a people opposed to a government out of control.

Yes, Trump is a radical change in politics, but unlike the dangerous idea of communism, Trump’s ideas themselves are quite normal; listen to the people, don’t make deals bad for America, appoint constitutionalist justices, don’t tolerate government incompetence, and have a secure border.

Much like in 1930’s Germany, the greater threat is seen in the response.  Germany turned to Hitler, who, vowing to destroy communism, instead destroyed Germany.  Democrats, vowing to destroy Trump, are destroying the institutions of our government.

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