Four Australian Cops Killed in Roadside Crash


Intoxicated Drivers Cause Tragedy

On April 22, 2020, four Victoria Police Officers were conducting a car stop on the Eastern Highway in Melbourne, Australia.  They were in the process of making an arrest and impounding a vehicle when tragedy struck.

Two officers had pulled over Richard Pusey for speeding in his Porsche 911.  After interviewing Pusey, cops realized he was high on drugs and prepared to arrest him for operating a vehicle while being high on cannabis and MDMA.  They called another sector car to help transport the perp and his ride. 

Unbeknownst to the cops were conducting their investigation on the shoulder of the road, death was hurtling their way.  Truck driver Mohinder Singh was driving a tractor trailer on the same highway.  He was in no condition to be behind the wheel.  Singh was overtired, delusional, and high on drugs.  As the unsuspecting cops were working, the truck smashed into them from behind. 

All four cops and their two vehicles were torn apart.  The damage was catastrophic, and all four officers were struck.  Constable Glen Humphris, Constable Joshua Prestney, Senior Constable Kevin King, and Senior Constable Lynette Taylor were all killed.  It was the largest loss of life in a single incident in Victoria Police history.   

Mohandir Singh remained on scene.  He was no condition to go anywhere.  He was found by responding cops speaking gibberish and hallucinating about phantom stick figures and witches chasing him.  He was arrested and eventually convicted of vehicular manslaughter.  He is currently serving a 18 year prison sentence. 

Pusey, the driver of the Porsche, was unharmed and fled the scene, but not before doing the unthinkable.  He pulled out his phone and videotaped the dying officers.  He could be heard on video mocking them and saying “that’s fucking justice, that is fucking amazing” as they drew their last breaths.  He later posted this video on social media and included it in several online complaints about his later legal and insurance troubles. 

Pusey was prosecuted for his callous behavior.  He was twice convicted for disseminating the video as well as a slew of other minor offenses.  He received two 10-month sentences for his vile behavior. 


Christopher Flanagan


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