Hunter Goes to Washington


Let’s do a quick repeat…

Hunter Goes to Washington

Readers, in prep for Hunter’s big deposition day in Congress today, we are re-sending a snippet of a posting from a couple of months ago.

One hopes at least some of the questioners on Capitol Hill are reading this substack! Because here’s just one small evidence trail worth walking down.

THE BIDENS: “Not A Scintilla Of Evidence That Joe Biden Was Involved”

As “scintilla” has become the left’s new default buzz term, I think it’s time to suggest the following:

To that end, let’s provide a few scintillas.

One of the problems regarding any investigation of the Bidens is the shambolic nature of their activities; Hunter, Uncle James, and Daddy Joe all had such intertwined finances, it’s tough to break off a cognizable piece.

But as we demonstrated here in yesterday’s podcast, there are pieces that can be bitten off and made comprehensible. One is the Chinese Connection.

It went like so: Patrick Ho — who Hunter himself once called “the f*cking spy chief of China,” and who was operating in the U.S. as an oil exec for the Chinese government — had numerous interactions with Hunter, involving millions of bucks.

From there, it goes like so:

  • The Chinese wire $5 million to Hudson West, a Hunter company;

  • Hudson West wires $400k to Owasco, another Hunter company;

  • Owasco sends $150k to a James Biden firm;

  • James Biden sends $40k to Joe Biden.

Now, as anyone who has ever put together a complex case knows, there’s a point where the evidence begins to harmonize.

So note the following: $40k to Joe Biden is exactly 10% of the $400k Hunter’s Owasco company took in. Which synchronizes with Hunter’s earlier statement that he was obliged to kick up 10% to “the big guy.”

Is there more? Of course (including the fact that the same “Owasco” company of Hunter’s was tithing $1,380 to Joe Biden monthly, without all these cutouts).

But let’s just stop there. That would seem like 40,000 scintillas, no?


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