If It’s Good Enough for Pooh, It’s Good Enough for You.


Xi Jinping visits San Francisco

If It’s Good Enough for Pooh, It’s Good Enough for You.

San Francisco went through a remarkable transformation this week.  All the blight, the homeless, the skells, the filth, it all just disappeared.  All the insane progressive laws that prevented the citizens of San Francisco from enjoying their city didn’t matter this week. 

What was the big occasion? A communist dictator was coming to visit The City by the Bay.  A dictator who bears a distinct resemblance to Winnie the Pooh.  None other than Xi Jinping. 


It would be a bad look for the Chinese strongman to be accosted by a gaggle of homeless panhandlers, or worse yet stepping in a San Francisco treat (the human feces that can be found on many sidewalks). 

So, all the oppressed, the undesirables, the underprivileged, and the mentally ill in desperate need of help have been taken elsewhere.  We are not sure where they were taken, but the process likely involved coercion, bribes, and a lot of money. 

But for the citizens of San Francisco, normal living conditions will surely be short lived.  The chaos and non-existent quality-of-life enforcement will return.  The streets will once again be filthy, and vagrancy will again have to be accepted. 

Funny that when a liberal city wants to look good… they suddenly morph into a conservative city. 

Not so funny if you live there, however.

Subway Assaults

Three more cops were assaulted in the transit system in the Bronx this week.  The subway chaos is a lead news story at least three times a week.  Only a small percentage of crime occurs in the subway, but it is always newsworthy.  And for good reason.  On the subway there is nowhere to escape.  You can’t cross the street to avoid a deranged individual.  There is no way to avoid criminal activity.  People on their way to work sometimes can’t evade someone who wants to rob them or push them onto the tracks.

Even cops have been victimized in recent days.  An NYPD Lieutenant was viciously beaten this weekend at the East 238th Street Station in the Bronx.  He asked two perps to get off the train after they were fighting with another group.  They ganged up on the Lieutenant, causing injuries that required hospitalization.


And on Monday, two cops at the Freeman Street Station, also in the Bronx were assaulted.  They had the temerity to ask two perps to put out cigarettes.

We have little confidence that the Bronx DA will seek justice for these injured officers.  We have seen firsthand how that office treats victims, particularly New York’s Finest. “The fullest extent of the law” does not exist in the borough.  Cops can’t get a fair shake, and neither can you. 

The subways are the lifeblood of New York.  Suffice it to say, we’re experiencing a serious hardening of the arteries. 

Maybe we can get President Xi to visit?  That might suddenly clear things up….   



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