Inside the Prosecution of a Cop Killer


Irma Lozada was the first female cop killed in NYC


Our bi-weekly podcast continues with Chris, Eric, and I detailing the 1984 case against Darryl Jeter — convicted of killing Irma Lozada, the first female NYC cop to die line-of-duty.

(NYC Transit Police Officer Irma Lozada)

That the prosecutor in the case was Eric — then working for the Brooklyn DA’s Office — only brings the case closer to home.

This case was no slam-dunk. Officer Lozada’s body was, in fact, not found until roughly three hours after her shooting. So it took some great police and prosecutorial work to make an arrest and secure a conviction.

You’ll also hear a clip from Lozada’s partner at the time, who was with her when they witnessed the crime that led to the chase of the career criminal that ultimately killed her.

Lozada was technically not an NYPD officer at the time, but rather a member of the NYC Transit Police (as was this writer’s father). It wasn’t until 1995 that the NYC Transit PD and NYPD merged — along with the Housing PD — into the NYPD we know today.

Whatever department, she was by all accounts a brave, dedicated officer.

RIP, PO Lozada.

(The detectives and prosecutors who worked the Lozada case — with a young DA Seidel rocking an impressive ‘stash. The black woman beside Eric is the cop who came forward with the tip that broke the case open).

Darryl Jeter was sentenced to life. He had been released on parole for a subway mugging just three months before the murder and had a record of 13 priors.

Darryl Jeter was paroled roughly two years ago and is today a free man.


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