Intel Brief – Mexico – 9/26/22


Intel Brief: Mexico. Your humble narrator contends that of the big three foreign “threats” to the home front — China, Russia, and Iran (some would say China, China, and China) — a fourth need be added: Mexico. In terms of practical impact on the quality of everyday life of our citizens, Mexico’s leadership is hurting us as much as China’s (a big statement, I realize). President Obrador’s blatant willingness to give the narco-cartels free reign, coupled with his refusal to even attempt to enforce his borders, has led to fentanyl becoming the leading cause of death of Americans aged 18 – 45. Additionally, terrorists are walking across the border, and Venezuela, taking a cue from the Cuba of 1980, is apparently emptying its prisons of perps and psychotics in order to ship them here (why do I get the feeling the New York’s subways will soon be even more crowded?).

Please note the distinction I made between Mexicans and their leadership. It’s Obrador who is the issue, not the Mexican people. This Mexican president is not a friendly.

And as we’ve noted, Obrador also seems to have co-opted our own ambassador. Should the Republicans get the House in November, the border is on the agenda for hearings. Representative McCarthy: Don’t forget Ambassador Salazar. As we used to say on the PD, something here is “highly fugazy.”


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