It’s On! Eric Adams Fires Back At Biden


You have to be watching closely… but it’s there

So if anyone was wondering if the timing of the search warrant on NYC Mayor Eric Adams’s chief fundraiser was indeed a shot across the bow from the Biden administration… wonder no more.

Because Adams just returned fire.

To recap: While Mayor Adams, who has been quite noisy about the influx of migrants into NYC, was in Washington to meet at the White House regarding the issue, the home of Adams’s chief fundraiser was raided by Biden’s FBI.

Adams has since had his phones and iPad seized by the bureau, and lawyered up.

Now we begin to see what Adams — a former gang member in his youth — is made of. Yes, it’s subtle — but it’s there.


On Wednesday, for the first time in his administration, Adams announced he will be cutting the head count of the NYPD. And he is pinning the reason directly to… the migrant crisis.

According to The NY Post, Adams states that primarily due to the migrant influx into his city, the fiscal situation regarding the city is, “horrendous and it’s painful. It’s going to hurt our services a lot.”

As a result, Adams will reportedly be cutting the next police academy class — shorting the NYPD by roughly 1500 new recruits (for a department already short about 3,000 officers).

And to just to ensure his message is received: He will also cut migrant services by 20%.

Now, in the semaphore code of inter-governmental feuding, this is Adams setting up the following storyline: “Hey New Yorkers, don’t blame me. Blame Joe Biden.”

And it’s no accident Adams is doing this now. He needs that storyline for when he begins his re-election run next year. He knows he will have to answer for why his main campaign promise — i.e, to clean up the city — has not been accomplished.

Adams has also been unable to move Albany on the crippling bail and discovery laws that have so denigrated quality of life across New York (see below for further).

We should note, btw: Adams is right. The Biden administration has utterly abdicated its responsibility for keeping the American people safe by throwing open our southern border. They have no credibility on any security issues — including fentanyl (again, see below).

But that does not mean Eric Adams is in the clear regarding some serious issues coming at him from the President’s FBI.

So in sum: It’s on, big-time.



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