More Ukrainian Politicians Arrested


Biden Family financial dealings leave a trail of destruction

More Ukrainian Politicians Arrested

The most corrupt state in Europe announced three indictments this week for…well corruption.  Ukraine prosecutors announced the charges against three men who allegedly assisted Donald Trump in his quest to uncover Biden Family corruption prior to the 2020 election. 

The three men are all political figures in Ukraine.  Kostiantyn Kulyk is a former prosecutor who worked under former Ukrainian Prosecutor General Yuriy Lutsenko.  Oleksandr Dubinsky is a current member of Ukraine’s Parliament.  Andriy Derkach is a former member of Parliament who had publicly advocated for an investigation in Ukraine into Hunter Biden.  The three are accused of being Russian agents intent on undermining the Biden presidential campaign.  Dubinsky and Derkach have met personally with Rudy Giuliani in reference to Biden corruption.

Specifically, the charges stem from actions in 2019 that allegedly benefited the Trump campaign at the direction of Vladimir Putin.  The trio were allegedly interfering with American elections and spying for Russia in exchange for $10 million in cash.  Only Dubinsky was arrested; the other two had fled Ukraine in 2022 on the heels of the Russian invasion.  Their whereabouts appear to be unknown. 

Who knows if any of this is true.  Were these three corrupt?  Perhaps, but that appears to be the norm in Ukraine.  We will be waiting with bated breath for indictments for the American aid money that seems to be disappearing at an alarming rate.

Here is what we do know.  The Biden family was getting a lot of money from Ukraine and there are serious accusations of corruption, including involving Joe himself.  Donald Trump asked Zelensky and corrupt Ukrainian prosecutors to continue to investigate Biden financial dealings. And now Zelensky is beholden to the Biden Administration to ensure the very existence of the country. 


All these circumstances are problematic and indicative of corruption.  If your elected officials are engaged in this type of self-interested behavior in foreign countries, that is not a good sign for the legitimacy of government.  Our government.

One thing is for sure.  Ukraine is corrupt.  Zelensky and his opponents were both likely making criminal cases for political and perhaps financial reasons.

But not here.  Political prosecutions don’t happen in the good ol’ US of A.  Our politicians are above that type of scandalous behavior, right?

Eric Adams and the DOJ

Is Eric Adams guilty of something?  Our kneejerk reaction is – probably.  Just like Donald Trump is probably guilty of mishandling documents.  We think most political campaigns violate laws and most of the time only egregious violations are looked at (sometimes).  But that does not mean the DOJ is not corrupt. 

The timing of the Briana Suggs search warrant cannot be a coincidence.  No way that they hit that door hours before Adams’s meeting with Biden by mistake.  There may be a case-related reason, like they wanted to capture a dirty phone call when Adams was not available in person.  But most likely it was to send a message that Biden doesn’t appreciate intra-party dissent.  The fact that they grabbed the Mayor on a public street outside an event and executed a search warrant to confiscate his phones reinforces this message.   


If the case was not a political hit, why does The NY Times have a pipeline directly to the case.  The blow-by-blow progress of the case is being leaked directly to the paper of record.   We worked directly with the FBI for several years and know firsthand that they treat the contents of all their cases with the utmost secrecy.  If a member of the NYPD mishandled FBI case documents, they would lose their Top-Secret clearance immediately.  An intentional leak might be prosecuted in federal court.

But there are no questions as to why the Mayor’s case was leaked.  That is different.  It was an authorized leak from higher ups in the DOJ.  News agencies don’t ask when it benefits them, and the FBI doesn’t investigate if they wanted information leaked. 

Keep that in mind the next time Merrick Garland or Christopher Wray testifies in front of Congress.  They use the same canned responses.  “Ongoing investigation.”  “That’s classified.”  “We don’t discuss open cases.”  Very convenient when they don’t want the American people to know what they are doing.

After all: We only pay their salaries.   




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