Se7en (1995)


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Detectives vs a diabolical mind

Se7en (1995) 

Se7en is the ultimate psychological thriller.  A cinematic masterpiece that will both enthrall and disturb.  This film has everything: an all-star cast, great director, excellent cinematography, and a story that will shake you to the bone. 

The film takes place in an unnamed, dangerous, and depressing inner city (much like the direction George Soros and Co. are sending some of our greatest towns).  There is nothing redeeming or positive about the setting, constant rain, filth, and rampant crime.  It gives the movie real atmosphere.

A gruesome and bizarre homicide sets two ill-matched investigators down a road to misery.  Lieutenant William Somerset, a seasoned investigator who’s days away from retirement, is teamed up with the brash younger Detective David Mills.   It is not a match made in heaven.  Different styles, different personalities, and different motives.  Somerset is detached and methodical, Mills is hot-headed, feeding off his emotions. 

They are after a serial killer, they discover – one with an intelligent, diabolical mind and who is delighting in the misery of others (including the detectives hunting him).  They also realize the killer is murdering based on the seven deadly sins, and a battle-of-wits ensues as the investigators strive to catch him before the anticipated seven killings are carried out. 

There is great acting in this film, with Morgan Freeman playing Somerset and Brad Pitt as David Mills.  Somerset is trying to keep the train on the rails, while Mills tries to fill his oversized suit with bravado.  Gwyneth Paltrow plays Mills unhappy wife, and Kevin Spacy is the diabolical antagonist. 

But while the acting is great, it’s the cinematography and story that make this film.  It is always dark, always raining, and the scenery is as dark as the plot.  David Fincher (Fight Club, The Social Network, House of Cards) is masterful directing the film and ensuring everything fits together seamlessly.  The overall effect is truly haunting. 

Andrew Kevin Walker wrote the film, and there isn’t a false note in the script.  Walker apparently took inspiration from his move to New York City from the backwoods of Pennsylvania as the crack epidemic was taking off.  Anyone who experienced NYC in those days will see the similarities. Walker provides just enough detail to capture us while still keeping us guessing.  And where it all goes is downright disturbing.  If you’re in the mood for a fright night, this one’s for you.

Se7en runs a little over two hours.  We couldn’t find it for free, but you can rent it for the usual $3 or $4 from most streaming services.  You might not sleep too well after watching Se7en, but you will be more than entertained. 


Enjoy the movie and Stay Safe!


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