Stop Migrant Crime? How?

MS13 tat

Here’s how to get a handle on migrant crime

So as the left continues to meltdown over the exposure of Joe Biden’s compromised mental state and SCOTUS’s adherence to the U.S. Constitution, the nation continues to suffer under the scourge of migrant-related crime.

Donald Trump has made numerous promises regarding cracking down on the problem. Can he do it? How?

Here’s how.

Among the best collaborative ideas ever devised in law enforcement is the U.S. “joint task force” approach. Unlike some other nations, because America’s states enjoy a level of sovereignty, federal and state/local law enforcement don’t always intersect as they should.

Enter the “joint task force” model. The idea has been around awhile, relative to organized crime — it was, in fact, a key aspect of eroding the national power of the “Five Families.” But where the notion truly came into its own was regarding terrorism.

Even before 9/11, the U.S. had begun implementing Joint Terrorism Task Forces in cities nationwide. Today, there are over 100 of them.

So if it worked for the mafia, and it worked for terrorism….

My proposal would be something called “JAM” teams — Joint Anti-Migrant Crime Task Forces. Just as with previous task force iterations, these teams would be comprised of the alphabet soup of federal agencies — FBI, ICE, CBP, ATF, DEA, etc. — as well as state and local cops.

What a force multiplier! Teams that have federal reach, together with the in-the-weeds, localized knowledge that cops alone often have.

The locals, too, often have the requisite language skills. Certainly, there is hardly a language out there not represented within NYPD’s ranks.

File:MS-13 tattoo 2.jpg

(MS-13 gang tats)

Another benefit? It’s a way around the idiotic “sanctuary city” designation. Because the local cops are “federalized” by joining the task force, they operate as federal agents. This not only allows them access to federal intel — it allows them to share their own intel. Even the NYC statute designating New York as a sanctuary city has a carve-out for task force members.

With the simple standing-up of a model that’s been used for decades, Donald Trump could sidestep numerous time-consuming battles with local “sanctuary” cities.

And if these hyper-blue cities won’t participate? Then good luck to you — federal agents and money will not be riding to your rescue.

In 2017, Donald Trump visited Long Island, NY to support a similar such task force in confronting MS-13 — with historic results. The task force made major cases, and 13 was badly damaged (they’re back now, of course. Thanks, Mayorkas).

If Donald Trump wants to truly hit reset on the border, he should start with arresting, incarcerating, and deporting not the hardworking bar-backs, day laborers, retail workers, etc.

Yes, they’re de facto illegal — but they’re not killing people. Handle that issue later.

Up-front: Close the border, re-institute Remain in Mexico, then start on the real bad guys — Venezuela’s Tren de Aragua, El Salvador’s MS-13, and others.

The task force model is the best way to do it.

The “JAM” Podcast

In light of the above, your narrator, Former NYPD Inspector Chris Flanagan, and former federal and state prosecutor Eric Seidel got together for a podcast to tease out exactly HOW such task-force-type cases could be made.

You want to make RICO cases against Venezuelan prison gangs? Great. How do you even start?

For those with access — and we appreciate you! — click here for the roadmap. Collectively, the team has over 80 years’ experience with this stuff. It’s all laid out here.

Now, not to be alarmist, but if we don’t start doing something like this — we all know where it’s leading. More Biden Border Monsters, and more attacks on America’s young women.

An “inconvenient truth,” indeed. Guess “no borders” sounds good in a faculty lounge, huh? Less so for young women in border towns.

And they’re all border towns, now.

Thanks for reading The Ops Desk. Stay Safe!


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