Terrorist Attack Paris Airport – Cop Killed


Three terrorists killed in attack.

 On May 20, 1978, terror struck one of Paris’ airports in a devastating attack.  Three men had arrived from Tunisa and exited the airport.  They returned shortly before 4pm and started a horrific attack on unsuspecting passengers. 

The three men, believed to be affiliated with the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine entered the airport with submachine guns and grenades tucked under their jackets.  They approached the boarding gate to El Al airlines and spread out.  El Al security, seeing the suspicious behavior, and on high alert due to several recent terror incidents, called French Police to respond.  

As the cops arrived, the three terrorists opened fire.  Passengers hit the ground as police and El Al security traded shots with the terrorists.  The gunbattle was reported to have lasted 25 minutes.  All three terrorists were killed, but at the cost of the life of one French police officer and several innocent civilians.  The three men were traveling with forged documents and were not identified.  

by Christopher Flanagan


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