The Coming Twitter War


Because the current hearings are but a prologue

Congressional hearings on Twitter’s censoring of The NY Post’s Hunter Biden reporting is heating up. But the hearings may be just a start.

Thus far, the focus appears to be narrowly focused on the laptop issue, and Twitter exec’s stifling of info they saw as a threat to Joe Biden’s election.

But with evidence of collusion between government actors and Twitter emerging, the larger problem for both is the likelihood of a series of First Amendment-based lawsuits from entities other than The NY Post. Because along with censoring The Post, other media outlets and individuals with which Twitter’s hierarchy disagreed often received the same treatment.

Discovery in such lawsuits will likely be a tad… uncomfortable for the defendants.

This could then grow beyond Twitter. In the opinion of this writer, this very substack received similar treatment from Facebook. Was government involved? Unknown. But why Facebook would censor a story about an elderly Asian man brutalized in President Biden’s home state, in the run-up to the midterms, certainly begs the question.

The same for a simple posting that stacked headlines about rising crime on the nation’s public transportation systems:

(Note: NONE of the previous Ops Desk postings were ever flagged as “spam.”)

So the current hearings won’t end the matter. As Churchill said: ““This is not the beginning of the end…. But it is, perhaps, the end of the beginning.” (What didn’t Churchill say? Guy was a quote machine).

Lastly, one must give kudos to Elon Musk for releasing the Twitter files and confronting the issue. It’s cost him an astronomical amount of money. And his own company — Twitter — will likely end up on the wrong end of any such litigation.

Musk likely knows this. But he went ahead and disclosed anyway.


The Death of a Cop


The Ops Desk crew offers heartfelt condolences to the family of NYPD officer Adeed Fayaz, allegedly killed by a career criminal while seeking with his brother-in-law to buy a car.

Twitter avatar for @NYPD100Pct
NYPD 100th Precinct @NYPD100Pct
Police Officer Adeed Fayaz was a father, a husband, a son, and a protector of our great city. Officer Fayaz was shot Saturday night and he tragically succumbed to his injuries today. Our Department deeply mourns his passing, and his family and loved ones are in our prayers.

Here’s a young man doing everything this nation’s asked of him. He had a wife and two kids, and brought his parents over from “the old country” (in this case, Pakistan), just like so many members of immigrant groups have done in America’s past.

All for a better, safer life.

My understanding is that Officer Fayaz was the family’s sole breadwinner. Where does that leave them now?

It is the opinion of this writer that this case should be brought federally. Jurisdiction could be gained due to the accused’s use of the internet as an instrumentality of the crime. The Eastern District of New York should then seek the death penalty.

How about it, DOJ?

Here, btw, is NYC Councilwoman Tiffany Caban and her cohorts on Fayaz’s chosen profession: “Policing began as a method to enforce white supremacy.

Caban, of NYC’s City Council, enjoys outsized influence — and continues to press her mission to defund policing.

Below is a video of the transferral of Officer Fayaz’s remains from the hospital.

Just look at all that white supremacy.

More and more, Office Fayaz is what America’s big city police departments look like. Up and down the ranks.

The infantile name-calling of Caban, AOC, the Squad, etc, is wrong, morally and factually. They need to grow up.



Of course, while avoiding our border crisis, rising crime, the ballooning threat of China (ouch)… President Biden’s State of the Union speech had to default to the old leftist chestnut of racist-police-out-of-control:

When you hear this prattle about “the talk,” just remember this:

Twitter avatar for @HMDatMI
Heather Mac Donald @HMDatMI
A police officer is 875 TIMES as likely to be killed on the job as an unarmed black is to be killed by a cop … and a cop is 375 TIMES as likely to be killed by a black suspect as an unarmed black is to be killed by police. @CityJournal @larryelder

Tyre Nichols did not deserve to die. And those responsible need to be prosecuted to the fullest extent.

Also: Policing is not systemically racist.

Those two things can co-exist.

In fact: They do.

And finally… How bad are things in NYC these days? Um…

Twitter avatar for @ClownWorld_
Clown World ™ 🤡 @ClownWorld_

Stay safe, folks. (And remember: don’t eat the street meat!).

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