The Dumbest Thing You’ll Hear This Month


And perhaps the winner for 2023

Exhibit A: President Biden gave a speech today at Al Sharpton’s National Tax Scam Action Network. Click below to hear this public safety expert on how police should employ deadly force:

Here’s the quote verbatim, in case you don’t speak mumble:

“We have to retrain cops as to why should you always shoot for with deadly force…. The fact is, if you need to use your weapon you don’t have to do that.”

Mr. President, with respect, some facts: Studies show that most police shooting encounters occur within six feet of the perpetrator. The precipitating event nearly always happens suddenly and unexpectedly.

That’s why cops, universally and the world over, are taught to shoot center mass. That’s right — the middle of the body. Why? So you have the best chance of hitting something on your target. Because often, due to the factors described above, cops miss.

President Biden, whose past “lying dog-faced pony soldier” remark indicates a life steeped in John Wayne movies (actually, Wayne never said it), seems to think policework is not so much like the Old West, but like the Old West as portrayed by Hollywood.

I’m sorry, but if this guy actually thinks your average cop fumbling for his weapon in the most adreneline-charged moment of his life should be required to try to “wing” the target’s elbow or something so as not to hurt anybody.…

What do you think Biden’s response would be were this standard asked of his Secret Service detail?

George Santos-ski? The saga of George Santos — assuming that is his name — grows darker. I am honestly having difficulty keeping up.

First, there is this clip, which seems to suggest his name is not actually Santos (watch this introduction — it’s excuciating):

I mean, look at him. Does this look like a guy that would lie to you?

Rep. George Santos Official Portrait.jpg

Um… question withdrawn.

But then there is this story, suggesting Santos has ties to a Russian oligarch who’s been sanctioned by the U.S. Here, finally, we may have the origin of the hundreds of thousands of dollars Santos received.

Begging the question: What did this Russian expect in return?

This feels like we are finally getting to the heart of things… and to the endgame for Congressman Zelig. Someone in New York’s Southern District is likely writing the federal complaint as we speak.

We’ll be compiling a running list of Santos’s fabrications on our website soon. I only hope the server doesn’t melt down.

Your narrator was pleased (and hopefully not too bleary-eyed) to appear today on the Mornings With Maria Bartiromo show. Ably substituting for Maria (who has jetted off to Davos) was Dagen McDowell, a witty and generous host who gives guests plenty of room.

Together with her panel, we discussed this story:

Eric Adams under fire for plan to slash NYPD funding as city hoards cash for labor deals

The point I return to, time and again: New York’s renaissance from the 90’s into the aughts and teens stemmed from increased public safety — no ifs, ands, or buts. And generally, slashing the NYPD budget has translated to skipped Academy classes. Meaning: Fewer cops.

Which means: less safety.

Which means: less tourism, investment, and a lower quality of life.

Look, at bottom New York is about money — pure and simple. Always has been. Wall Street has always been the generator that pulls NYC out of its cyclical doldrums.

But now, with the internet and 5G networks, you can run a hedge fund from the North Pole. So you no longer have to be in New York.

So what does New York offer? Lifestyle. The restaurants, museums, shows, excitement, culture….

All of which depends first and foremost on safety.

Public safety is the virtue that guarantees all New York’s other virtues. Lose that, and the city goes. And it may not come back.

We’re at an inflection point, folks. The next few years will decide it.

Voice of the Streets: Speaking of which, sometimes it takes someone outside law enforcement to provide the most trenchant analysis of New York’s public safety “innovations”:

Now THAT guy should run for Mayor!

See you later in the week, gang. Until then… stay safe.


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