The Emperor Has No Clothes


It’s Time for Joe to Go

Joe Biden had an actual schedule the past week or so. We wouldn’t call it a rigorous week, but he was out and about more than usual. His notoriously light public schedule looked almost full, and there was a lot of travel back and forth to Europe. We would call it a typical week for a President of the United States.

You wouldn’t know that by looking at the video coverage of Joe Biden. Biden clearly wasn’t up to it. He could best be described as being “lost in the sauce”. Moving slowly, staring blankly, and sometimes mumbling incoherently marked several of his public appearances.


It is time for Joe to go. Being President is a difficult job for anyone. In his halcyon days, Biden was not the brightest bulb, now he just exudes weakness on the world stage. That is not the place where we can be seen as weak. Foreign policy is a dangerous game. Ask Dean Acheson, who instigated the Korean War by omitting South Korea from a policy speech in 1950. Or April Glaspie, who was not forceful with former U.S. ally Saddam Hussein about an incursion into Kuwait, which led to the Gulf War. Or even Joe Biden himself who stated that a minor incursion into Ukraine might be tolerated. A month later Russia invaded.

People die because of misstatements. Wars start when foreign bad actors smell weakness. Allies fade when confidence is lost. Joe Biden appears to be at the point where these things are occurring. His week of public appearances have laid his diminished capacity bare for all to see. As the saying goes, the emperor has no clothes.

The country cannot wait for him to bumble his way into another global conflict. Inept Secretary of State and Robert Malley (remember him?) pal Anthony Blinken is an inadequate stand-in for the power of the presidency. It is time for Biden to exit stage left.

Regardless of your political persuasions, this is a must for our country. The Democratic Party has shown no qualms about fixing their primary process, and now they have to. Joe must get pulled before the nomination. This week’s disaster should leave no doubt. Even if you hate Trump, it is clear that he is more capable of handling the job than Biden. The Democratic Party cannot allow or survive another Biden term. The country itself cannot endure another Biden administration, and he still has a chance to win in November.

My prediction is that Biden drops out. The second Hunter Biden trial is coming up in September. It is a tax case and has the potential to seriously damage the Biden Family including “The Big Guy”.  No one in Biden land wants to see that case go to trial. This leaves him with an option. He can admit his mental decline, drop out of the race, recommend a successor, and use the sympathy engendered by this move to pardon Hunter prior to the trial. It’s a win for everyone – except perhaps Trump.

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