The Fall of Minneapolis


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A new look at the death of George Floyd

The Fall of Minneapolis 

The Fall of Minneapolis is the new documentary that shines a light on the events surrounding the death of George Floyd and the subsequent trials of the four police officers convicted in his death.  This is a must-see if you want to learn more about the event surrounding what might be the most impactful death-in-police-custody in American history. 

The doc is garnering a lot of attention in police and certain media corners – and with good reason.  It is very well done and, while all documentaries have an undeniable point-of-view, is extremely compelling.  It will be nearly impossible to come away without at least some questions about the entire affair.   

The story is told interview-style with reporter Liz Collin (whose husband was a Minneapolis cop) leading the discussion (she was in fact blackballed from the media industry as a result of her husband’s job).  The format utilizes mostly first-person sources, including several retired and active Minneapolis cops, as well as Derek Chauvin, Alex Keung (one of the other accused), and even Chauvin’s mother.  It also uses clips from the trial, politicians, and news coverage of the riots. 

Among the new storylines to emerge is the discussion of the surrender and burning of the Minneapolis Police Department’s 3rd Precinct, as told by the cops who went through it.  It is as chilling as it is disgraceful.  The officers on-duty at the 3rd directly blame the Governor, Mayor, and Chief of Police for the poor leadership that led to the cowardly decision to give up the newly built precinct to the rioters.  As a cop, the story is nothing less than infuriating. 

The look at the autopsy results and the unusual manipulation of said results is also an eyeopener.  The film details the shenanigans around the autopsy and the multiple conditions that could have led to Floyd’s death.  Suffice to say, he wasn’t exactly pure as the driven snow. 

Did George Floyd deserve to die?  No – but that’s not the question the film asks.  Instead, the documentary focuses on: Did Derek Chauvin actually kill him?  And if not, why did events unfold as they did?  Who is responsible? 


You won’t come away with an elevated opinion of our criminal justice system, our media, and our leaders (up to the White House) — let’s just put it that way. (And by the way, expect zero coverage of this new information from the mainstream media that championed the BLM cause).

This is a crowdfunded film by director JC Chaix and was released on its own webpage at  It is also available for free on YouTube and Rumble.  It was actually based on the below book by Liz Collin, available here.

If half this documentary is true, Chauvin – who was just stabbed 22 times in federal prison, barely surviving – was railroaded.  To what degree will be up to the viewer to decide. 

If nothing else, one comes away with the feeling that the Governor and Attorney General of Minnesota, as well as the Mayor of Minneapolis, should be in there with Chauvin. 

And you’ll see on the faces of the cops interviewed – some of whom are black – why Minneapolis is down roughly 40% in police recruitment. 

It’s the case nationwide, and will continue as the progressive criminal justice reformists who exploited the death of George Floyd retain the upper-hand… while our cities burn. 

Enjoy the movie and support your local police!


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