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In any normal prosecution of the sort Hunter Biden is facing, the goal of investigators would be to build the case out; to round up all the players in a single indictment.

In this case, that would get into some very heady territory.

Check out this week’s podcast — a comprehensive update of the state-of-play regarding the four possible cases that Hunter Biden is looking at, featuring our friend Eric Seidel.

Eric, a former state and federal prosecutor and supervisor, responds to Chris and I on how much trouble Hunter might be in… and what the realistic chances are of him going to jail.

To be frank: this is a discussion you won’t hear elsewhere, because it contemplates the ultimate question: Would Hunter flip on Dad? How could you get him to?

And if it gets ugly enough… what might Joe Biden do in response?

An inside look at how the game is really played.

Why Is This Man Smiling?

So now we see what is really behind the “sanctuary city” policy that Mayor Eric Adams simply won’t renounce (no matter how much he gripes to Washington).

Really, you only need to know two things. First, here is pending legislation in the New York City Council, which, as per their own description, is:

A Local Law to amend the New York city charter, in relation to allowing lawful permanent residents and persons authorized to work in the United States in New York city to participate in municipal elections.

So: if you are a “person authorized to work in the U.S,” you can vote in NYC elections.

The proposed law died once before in the Council. It is reportedly being reintroduced.

And second, NYC Mayor Eric Adams held a rally in town today to demand that the White House expedite the process for migrants to work.

The City Council joined in, of course, releasing a statement that also demanded the migrants be allowed to work.

And of course: to vote.

Could Hunter’s Gun Charge Go To SCOTUS?

This just in from a friendly source: An amazing twist that could impact the most serious charge Hunter Biden is facing.

Federal prosecutors in Texas building a case against an Iranian-American with suspected ties to terrorism just pulled their case — because they concede that the recent Bruen SCOTUS decision on the Second Amendment means the charge they were holding him on is no longer viable.

The prosecutors conceded that, under a recent decision from the Fifth Circuit Federal Court of Appeals interpreting Bruen, the firearms charge can no longer stand in Texas. The judge agreed.

What’s that got to do with Hunter? Just this: It’s the same gun charge Hunter faces. So now, at least one appellate-level U.S. Court has decided that the statute is no longer viable.

Meaning: Even if Hunter is convicted on that charge — and he has essentially admitted to it — he has more-than-reasonable grounds to appeal.

At present, that is the heaviest charge Hunter faces.

Look for the statute to end up at SCOTUS — perhaps due to the Hunter case itself.

This could even be an excuse for Special Prosecutor Weiss to drop the heaviest charge he currently has on Hunter.

I’m very surprised this is not getting more play. From where I sit, the one felony we know Hunter committed — that is, applying for a federal gun permit while a narcotics user — just bit the dust.

What a soap opera. Better to be luck than upright, apparently.

Nevada Climate Communists and Frontier Justice

Your narrator enjoyed a discussion on Fox News today with Sandra Smith regarding the recent incident of Paiute Indian Reservation Troopers driving through a metal barricade on the road to Burning Man (sounds like a song title).

It’s always amazing to me that protestors who (literally in this case) loudly invoke their right to “civil disobedience” are shocked when they are arrested.

Guys: “Civil disobedience” means you’re breaking the law. Otherwise, you sort of lose the “disobedience” part, no? Isn’t arrest what you wanted?

Weren’t you — again, literally — telling stranded motorists to “call the cops”? How did you think that was going to end?

As we’ve all seen before, a single video taken out of context can skew things (for the record, I really don’t have a problem with how that cop handled that). But the real point is: Will these “protestors” — two of whom were from New York, one from California, one from Washington state, and one from Malta, of all places — be fully prosecuted? Because that’s where these things always fail.

And they should forced to make restitution for lost revenue at Burning Man and the gas wasted by those in that looong line of cars. Their celebrity donors can afford it.

A side note: In the immediate aftermath of 9/11, a bunch of American Indian reservation cops came to NYC to help the NYPD respond and do routine patrol. They were great guys and it was really interesting being out there with them.

But trust me: they’re not the kind of guys you want to challenge. As these protestors found out.

Happy Friday!

Before you dive into your Labor Day Weekend, join me and the women of “Outnumbered” Friday on Fox News. Is there a better way to kick off the end-of-summer weekend?

And even if you answered yes to that… join us anyway!

And finally…

I haven’t thought of this weird, spooky blues in years… but it occurs to me now. Summer is, indeed, almost gone:

But you know what? We may get a little summer reprise in September, so try this one too — it’s even weirder and spookier:

(The second song is better, now that I hear them. But what a strange, interesting band The Doors were! Like psychedelic lounge music. Always liked them).

Enjoy the weekend, folks!

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