The Unabomber Manifesto


On September 19, 1995 the Washington Post and New York Times published a manifesto that had been sent to them months earlier by the infamous Unabomber. The Unabomber, later identified as Ted Kaczynski, was responsible for numerous bombings around the country since 1978. The bombs had killed 3 people and injured 23. His bombing campaign was intended to protect the wilderness and hasten the collapse of industrial society. He is considered by some to be an eco-terrorist. His early targets were UNiversities and Airlines, which the FBI acronymized to UNABOM, hence his moniker.

Kaczynski had mailed the manifesto to several news outlets and in June of 1995 had declared that he would stop the bombings if the 35,000 word document titled, “Industrial Society and Its Future” was published. The media had been sitting on the manifesto at the request of the FBI who were attempting to determine if anything in the document could be used to track the killer. Shortly after its publication, David Kaczynski notified the FBI that he suspected his brother may be the bomber. In April 1996 Ted Kaczynski was arrested. He eventually pled guilty and was sentenced to eight life sentences in prison. He continues to write from his maximum security prison cell to this day. He writes about the dangers of industrialization and several of his lengthy manuscripts have been published.

Christopher Flanagan


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