Three US Servicemen Killed in Jordan


The Biden Administration marches closer to war

We recently learned that three US Servicemen were killed and at least 34 wounded in the escalating conflict with Iran.  Iran backed militants conducted a drone attack on an American outpost in Jordan on January 26th. This follows a rocket attack on an American base in Iraq that injured several soldiers.

Normally we feel that the goals and methods of foreign policy is best left somewhat opaque and in the hands of experts, but this is getting concerning.  And when you have “experts” like Robert Malley on staff, trusting them seems like sleeping with the enemy.  

Friend of Iran, Robert Malley

A small outpost on its own in Jordan seems like a bad idea to begin with.  Remember that “small outpost” in Benghazi?  An attack like that might start a full-blown war.

Hopefully these folks can prevent a US base from being overrun.

 The Biden (and Obama) administration’s handling of Iran is more than opaque, it is incoherent.  After years of attempted peace talks (where it appeared that the US was on the losing end) and a shortsighted nuclear agreement, the US and Iran seem at complete loggerheads.  Relations are going in the wrong direction quickly.  Perhaps at this point we deserve some insight as to what the plan is and how we resolve the current conflict. 

This is on top of the Robert Malley disaster that appears to be swept under the rug.  As we reported in November, Malley, the Obama advisor and Biden’s Special Envoy to Iran, appeared at a minimum to be an Iranian sympathizer.  He hired several people who couldn’t pass a security background check and were secretly in direct contact with Iran’s international spy ring, the Iran Experts Initiative.  Malley hired his underlings from his International Crisis Group, a think tank that is funded by none other than George Soros.  The fingerprints on this are all bad.

It seems like no one is asking about this anymore.  Malley himself, after getting his security clearance pulled, landed nice jobs at Princeton AND Yale.  I’m sure that someone in the administration made a phone call on his behalf for those gigs.  Maybe we can wait for the FBI to get back to us on the status of their investigation. LOL.

Obviously, things are going horribly wrong with our relationship with Iran, but we can only guess as to the full extent of it.  Biden promised a more open presidency, but once more that appears to be another lie from another lifelong politician.

It is time we heard some meaningful dialogue from the President on this conflict.  The American people don’t want us sliding into another protracted forever-war, but it is what we are going to get if we allow the current regime to continue with no oversight from Congress or voters. 

And with President Biden good for about one appearance a day, and apparently not even in contact with cabinet members like Lloyd Austin… someone needs to step up and bring some clarity.  Even if it’s Dr. Jill.

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