Two Utterly Disgusting Cases


Which provide a snapshot of “justice” in today’s America

Readers, your narrator will appear Thursday morning on America’s Newsroom to discuss the horrible case of the Bronx daycare center used as a front for a fentanyl operation — resulting in the sickening of three children and the death of another.

Is there a case that more clearly exemplifies everything going wrong in our cities today? Including of course a nexus to our ever-porous southern border?

Please tune in as we discuss why the feds are suddenly so interested in this case.

But in the meantime:

We have to take time out to report on just an awful outcome in a serious case.

Readers of this space know that in the past, we followed the story of 68-year-old Chang Suh, an Asian-American businessman who has been robbed numerous times and was the victim of an unprovoked hammer attack. (See our original reporting here, titled, “Our Acceptable Victims.” Boy, were we right to flag this one).

As I wrote in my past post when this happened, this crime was, to me, iconic in that in invoked:

  • A hardworking Asian-American victim whose business was struggling due to covid.

  • Who’d been robbed multiple times.

  • Whose shop was previously looted during the BLM riots.

  • career criminal was free to do this.

  • A clear video of the event exists, yet…

  • The national media remains indifferent.

  • To an event in President Biden’s home state.

Here is the original report, and the brutal video. I can barely watch it:

Below is the before-and-after. Recognize: A hammer did this:

Now comes the news that, after two days of deliberation, the jury in the trial of attacker Calvin Ushery has hung.

With a video of the event. That video, above — which presumably was shown in its entirety to this jury.

Update: suspect indicted for beating of Wilmington jewelry store owner  during robbery | The Latest from WDEL News |

(Accused attacker Calvin Ushery)

I can barely contain my rage and disgust over this. Has there ever been a more sympathetic victim? Who played by the rules, who was just attempting to raise his family in an — increasingly naive — belief in the American system?

Read here for the facts of the trial. It sounds like Ushery’s lawyer used a defense of mistaken identity — and some moron bought it, despite the video and Ushery’s possession of the jewelry shortly after the event.

Suffice to say: It is the opinion of this writer that Ushery could not have been more guilty — and that at least one of these jurors should forever be ashamed.

Delaware authorities vow to retry the case. We vow to continue to follow it.

As will, hopefully, someone in the national media.

What a disgrace.

Every now and then, I miss policework. Then I see stuff like this, and I remember….




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