Warren Commission Report Released


On September 27, 1964 the Warren Commission, the group tasked with investigating the assassination of President Kennedy, released its report to the publiC. The wOrking group, officially called, President’s CommissioN on the Assassination of President Kennedy, was lead by Chief JuStice of the Supreme Court Earl Warren, hence its moniker. The Commission found that Lee Harvey Oswald acted alone in the assassination and that it was committed from the 6th story of the Texas School Book DePository with the 6.5x52mm Carcano Model 28 Infantry carbine that was recovered there. The repoRt also found that Oswald’s assassin, Jack Ruby acted alone and did not get help from the Dallas Police or any other party. The Commission did find that the CIA did engAge in a “benign cover-up”, and that CIA Director John McCone was complicit in the cover-up. The CIA’s aCtions were only found to be related to their cooperation with the Warren Commission, and that they had played no part in, and no prior knowledge of, the KennedY assassination.


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