Who The Hell Are These Kids, Part II


The question explored in the prior piece (https://opsdesk.org/who-the-hell-are-these-kids/) is worth some more quick history.

First: These “occupiers” are NOT just, “anti-Israel.” That has been mistaken analysis all along. They are anti-American. That’s why it has been so easy for the anti-Israel mob to make common cause with many of the traditional far-left groups. The communists, socialists, anarchists, Antifa members, etc. — all these groups share that single belief: America must go. We’re the disease; Israel is just another symptom. 

The on-ramp for that (the “cognitive opening” as the radicalization studies call it) is the simple “oppressor vs. oppressed” paradigm. In simple terms: the more successful a society is, the guiltier it must be. Of something. Or everything. 

Now, Israel had not previously been part of that narrative. Until the 1960’s counter-culture era, Jews and Israel were seen by the left as residing on the “oppressed” side of things. We can more-or-less date the change to a single publication in Summer of 1967 — yes, the first “Summer of Love” — when a “black liberation” publication called “The Student Non-Violent Coordinating Committee” published a seminal piece that portrayed Israel as the oppressors and the Palestinians as oppressed people-of-color.

And the narrative was launched. 

The problem for the Dems today, of course, is that many of the major progressive donors funding the occupiers — Soros, the Rockefellers, the Pritzkers — also fund Democratic candidates. Including a certain octogenarian who is suddenly backing away from the Jewish state:

This was inevitable, of course. Biden can’t continue to enrage what is generally the youngest, most energized, and often wealthiest segment of his base. 

And as we’ve noted: God knows Biden can’t have DOJ investigate this machine. 

The left is dealing with an anti-American monster it created. It’s all one enormous domestic dispute.


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